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Cres Campsite – the most innovative European campsite in 2007

This year at the tourist fair in Stuttgart, Germany’s highest-circulation camping guide ADAC Camping Caravanning introduced the winners of the awards for 2008 within a gala dinner.

Campsite Slatina (http://www.camp-slatina.com/) on Cres Island won the new product innovation award for their dog accommodation program.

ADAC presents the award to camps offering, in addition to the usual camp offer, some special solutions, innovative programs, attractions or future concepts, and the care provided to pets and their owners within the Cres Island camp was recognized by ADAC as an important and innovative program.

Camp Slatina on the Island of Cres is the only campsite in Croatia awarded in this segment, and the reason why it won the award is the fact that it successfully implemented and applied a new product last year – the ‘’Camping Cum Cane’’ project, also known as the ‘’Dogs Project – New Infrastructure and Rules for Dog Owners’’.

The concept behind the innovative project focuses on the harmony between the dog-owning guests and those without pets by developing a dog-keeping program within camps. The program provides maximum comfort for both dog owners, guests without pets, and dogs themselves.

In addition to a special infrastructure, rules have been laid for dog owners, enabling an undisturbed holiday in the camp for guests with or without dogs. The rules provide both guests and dogs with a more pleasant stay and, according to them, all dogs registered in the camp must wear camp id tags and be leashed on roads, paths, the beach and camping plots; swimming with dogs is only allowed in the zones provided for such purpose; separate places are provided for dogs to relieve themselves; nighttime quiet from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. applies to dogs as well, etc.

In addition to Cres’s Camp Slatina, the ADAC award was presented to camps in The Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Austria.