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About Camping in Croatia

An Introduction to Camping in Croatia

Enjoying such a warm climate and welcoming landscape, camping in Croatia was always a popular accommodation mode among Croatians as well as foreign visitors, especially during the summer school holidays along the Croatian coast of Adriatic and its islands.

Camping in Croatia

Presently, there is a variety of campsites and campgrounds along the coast, while in inland – continental Croatia, campgrounds, and campsites are scarce, limited only to a few camps.

Most of the campsites along the Croatian coast are located in a really nice location – usually on the very seashore or very close to it. There are also some great camping spots in the vicinity of national parks which are particularly popular with families during the summer school holidays. The most popular among them are camping sites around Plitvice Lakes.

Due to current Croatian camping legislation, some campsites are quite small, created as a part of somebody’s large garden, with a purpose to provide an important source of income for that family.

Those camps usually provide camping facilities for up to 20 persons. These small camps often have limited facilities, with basic 2 or 3 showers and toilets, as well as basic cooking facilities, electricity, and water.

Others are large camping grounds that used to belong to state-run companies, covering bigger areas of attractive coastline, catering for hundreds of campers.

Large campsites have much better facilities, numerous showers, and toilets, washing, and cooking facilities as well as restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, and supermarkets as a part of the campsite itself. Though those campsites have a larger variety of facilities, they sometimes lack that cozy and homely feeling of smaller grounds.

Besides camping in organized campsites, one can, obviously, camp in other remote areas of Croatia too. Before deciding where to camp, check with the owner of the land is it OK to put up your tent there. Usually, landowners would not mind for you to overnight on his/their land, but for longer camping, it is recommended to use designated campsites, especially along the Adriatic coast whereby camping outside the campsites is not allowed at all – see info about wild camping.

Nevertheless, if you decide to put up your tent somewhere in the wood or open field, never-ever put fire on! It is so dangerous and illegal, and local people get very angry if they spot somebody doing it!

Please look after our nature and our as well as your safety! This important note for Camping in Croatia, as well as anywhere else, is to be very, VERY cautious with campfires and barbeques. Please check with your chosen campsite what is their policy on the open fire issue. Most of the campsites have designated grill and barbeque areas that are created to enjoy safe BBQ.

If you are coming to Croatia for the first time, here are two articles you can consult for general travel practicalities – how to get to Croatia (article) and how to travel around the country (info). Also, as most of the people coming here are looking to spend some time camping around the numerous islands, the good info about how to island-hop around the coast of Croatia, including the most popular itineraries around Pula, Zadar, Sibenik, and Split is in this article.

See below for more info about what to expect and enjoy safe and pleasant camping in Croatia!