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Best Croatian Destinations for Glamping and Campervanning

Offering a wide range of camping options and facilities to suit any preference or style of camping, it’s not surprising why Croatia is one of the world’s best destinations for glamping and campervanning. Moreover, the country has good transport infrastructure allowing you to visit many destinations in only a few hours’ drive. The best part is that Croatia has several excellent campsites equipped with facilities and well-fitted plots, with most of them situated by the coast and are almost always right at the seafront.

If you plan to go glamping or campervanning in Croatia but have no idea where to go, here are some of the best destinations to consider.


Hvar is Croatia’s version of the French Riviera. Famous for its crystal-clear waters, lavender fields, and long hours of sunshine all year, Hvar is a haven for holidaymakers and a favourite destination among the rich and famous. The island is also rich in culture and history and home to secluded bays, lovely countryside, and excellent wineries, giving you plenty of things to explore on your glamping and campervanning adventure.

But don’t be intimidated by Hvar’s upscale reputation. The island is home to excellent but inexpensive camping sites where you can park your campervan and spend the night. The most popular is the Mala Milna camp, which many call a “little heaven on Earth”. Located by the sea close to the town of Milna, Mala Milna is designed to accommodate campervanners of all kinds, including families with kids, with a maximum capacity of 150 people. The camp is also dog-friendly, so it’s ideal for those travelling with their furry friends. 

There’s also a bar on site where guests can have fun and spend relaxing moments. Those who need to connect to the Internet can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi on-site. The camp is equipped with modern environmental and nature protection technologies powered by solar energy. There are also many facilities on-site for those who want to take up adventurous activities, such as kayaking, biking, and more!

2. Krk

As the largest island in Croatia, Krk is a favourite vacation spot, especially for glampers and campervanners. The island is famous for its stunning beaches, but it also has plenty of interesting attractions and a wide range of fun activities. Camping in Krk means sleeping amidst stunning nature and waking up to the sounds of ocean waves crashing gently against stone sea walls.

One of the famous camping sites in Krk is Camp Glavotok, the first camp to have received the prestigious ecological label, “Ecocamping”. This certification recognises the quality management of camps according to sustainable development and ecology principles. When staying at Camp Glavotok, you will have access to a 500m-long beach with gravelled bays. Take a walk along the beach, and you’ll find a quiet and secluded area where you can enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves.

Pitches by the sea are only reserved for shorter stays, while the upper portion of the camp caters to stationary campers. There are newly arranged pitches on the left side of the camp, volleyball courts, a restaurant, and a swimming pool. In addition, the campsite has sanitary buildings designed for the convenience of kids and disabled guests. Guests will also have access to a laundry and camper supply station. As a dog-friendly campsite, Campsite Glavotok has dedicated areas on the beach for dogs. Some of the activities you can enjoy here are beach volley, basketball, table tennis, and more. There’s also a kids’ playground and other child-friendly amenities.

3. Lošinj

Another Croatian Island famous for campers is Losinj. Enjoying long hours of sunshine each year, Lošinj is a popular summer destination for Croatians and tourists coming from the nearby countries of Germany, Italy, and Slovenia. Here, you can explore unique nature reserves, gorgeous beaches, and tons of historical sites.

Losinj is close to the large island of Cres, which is also famous to tourists. In fact, the two islands are interconnected by a drawbridge. When glamping or campervanning in Losinj, check out Camp Čikat, a beautiful campsite situated within the picturesque Čikat Bay and surrounded by thick pine forests. It’s the perfect place to base yourself on the island as you discover its hidden gems on a bike or by taking a hike on the numerous trails encircling the entire island. Camp Čikat is a child-friendly campsite offering your little ones the opportunity to participate in many fun activities through the supervision of trained staff. Meanwhile, older kids and adults can enjoy some sports and other adventurous activities within the camp, so everyone will have a great time while on the campsite.

While there are numerous campsites within the island of Lošinj, it is Camp Čikat that is the largest. Moreover, the site is open throughout the year, making it possible to camp here even in winter. The site’s strategic location makes it ideal for scenic strolls to the centre of Mali Lošinj, a charming town only 2 km from the campsite.

4. Novalja

Novalja is a small town on the Croatian island of Pag. Home to pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, Novalja is a popular resort town dubbed the “Ibiza of Croatia”. The town has several bars and clubs where Croatian celebrities and the affluent locals would hang out. Of all the beaches in Novalja, Zrce beach is the most popular and the party zone of the town, especially during the summer season.

Located in a strategic spot along the Mediterranean coast, where the weather is flawlessly warm and sunny in summer, Novalja is one of the best places to go glamping in Croatia. For glampers and campervanners, check out Camping Strasko, a popular camping site with direct access to the beach. Shaded by pine trees that stretch all the way to the beach, Camping Strasko will make your camping holiday relaxing.

Camping Strasko offers arranged camping pitches, but some parts of the campsite are not divided into pitches and can be used as a parking site for campervanners and pitching glamping tents. The campsite also comes with facilities for a more relaxing stay, such as swimming pools. There are also areas for sunbathing. You will also have access to sports facilities, such as volleyball, tennis, and bowling.

5. Cres

Cres is one of Croatia’s largest but least developed islands, making it a favourite destination for adventurers seeking unspoiled destinations in Croatia. The relatively untouched island has two distinct landscapes – barren in the south and verdant landscapes in the north. One of the best camping sites in Cres is Camp Slatina, capable of accommodating campervanners and glampers.

As one of the best camping sites for a Croatian camping holiday, Camp Slatina has pitches located on the descents towards the sea, allowing you to enjoy the gorgeous views of the ocean from the comfort of your glamping tent or camper van. You can choose from five different tent pitches for those who want to go glamping. But if you prefer a mobile home, there’s also a range of mobile homes that you can rent on site. Aside from campsites, the island also offers a wide range of accommodations suitable for those who prefer a more comfortable place to stay. If you want a nice place to stay in Cres, consider staying at a holiday villa in waterfront locations.