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Camping Kovacine – Cres Island

The camping units of Kovačine are spread accross magnificent 23 hectares of well forested space on the peninsula surrounded by clear sea and pebbly beaches as well as concrete plateau.

By precise and careful relation firstly to nature and then to the camp itself, we take care of our environment and forest so:

1/3 of the camp is forested by pine + 2/3 of the camp is forested by olives

The nature of our camp by purpose is family (3/4 of the camp) and FFK camp (1/4 of the camp).

The camp has a total of 750 camping units at it’s disposal, from which 200 belongs to FFK part of the camp, 550 belongs to family part of the camp

Camping units: the unit size is between 60 – 130 m2 the units have joint cabinet – electricity connection ( 6 – 12 units per cabinet) and 2 water connections per cabinet

The price of a single unit daily includes: unit, electricity, car, tent, camping trailer and its awning and use of sanitary facilities.

You can stay on non-parceled camping zones where guests are settled according to the available camping units on the day of their arrival.

Camping Contact Info: Camp KOVACINE, Melin I/20, 51557 Cres, Croatia, tel: 00 385 51 573 150, fax: 00 385 51 571 086 http://www.camp-kovacine.com/