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Camping at Plitvice National Park

photo of plitvice lakes national parkAt present, there are several camping opportunities in the vicinity of Plitvice National Park. The area around the Park has six campsites. These campsites offer a variety of different types of camping to choose from, depending on the kind of comfort you expect, your interests and your level of the camping experience. The selection of camping grounds ranges from camping at full-facility sites to wilderness camping where you might find limited or no facilities at all.

Selection of campsites in the vicinity of Plitvice Lakes:

  • The nearest campsite to Plitvice Lakes National Park is Korana Campinga campsite located just a few kilometres north of Plitvice Lakes National Park entrance, set on a plateau right above the Korana River Canyon. A large camping ground with a wide range of camping facilities, run by a local tourist company which can accommodate up to 2500 people.
  • The most popular campsite in the area is Slapić Camping – a small, family run site, situated on about 55 km from Plitvice Lakes, can accommodate up to 200 people.  A well known and established camping ground that won several prizes for its attractiveness and quality of service.
  • The cheapest campsite in the area is Radonja Camping– a recently established, small and beautiful, family-owned site that can accommodate up to 40 people.  Offering peaceful camping on the idyllic banks of the river Radonja, 60 km from Plitvice Lakes.
  • The limited facilities campsite in the area is Vrela Mrežnice Campingan unconventional campsite, resting in the tranquil and idyllic Mrežnica River Canyon.  A stunning and unusual location on the river banks, with extremely basic camping facilities adjusted to “Robinson camping”. Limited availability of accommodation.
  • The oldest campsite in the area is Camping Turistestablished in 1968, run by a local tourist company, 8 km from the entrance of the Park and can accommodate up to 200 people in a wide range of camping facilities.
  • The newest campsite in the area is Camping Borjethe site with very good camping facilities, 15km from the entrance to the Park, run by a local tourist company, can accommodate up to 350 people. Lovely location in the Valley of Lička Plješivica Mountain.

The above selection of campsites is made on basis that it takes up to an hour drive from the site to the entrance to Plitvice Lakes National Park. In my opinion, an hour drive is a reasonable distance for nice and relaxing day trips to the Park especially in spring, summer and autumn when days are warmer and much longer than in winter.  I would not recommend winter camping around Plitvice Lakes as the area is known for below freezing temperatures, lakes and waterfalls get frozen for months and camping is considered dangerous.