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Campsite Valalta in Rovinj to get the naturist quality system certificate

The nudist campsite Valalta in Rovinj (http://www.valalta.hr/), the first four star campsite in Croatia, was recently the first campsite in Europe to get the naturist quality system certificate which is given out by the International Naturist Federation (INF) and the Croatian Naturist Association (DNH).

This is a certificate that guarantees guests a holiday in accordance with the principles of naturism, which isn’t the case in all naturist camps. The idea about the campsite certification system was started by the Dutch naturist association because of comments made by the members of the INF that there is a very wide understanding of the naturist and naturism offer, which distances them from original naturist principles. It was concluded that there was a need to create a standardised framework for the unification of basic naturist needs. The idea was suggested by the INF in Valalta in 2004 and later confirmed at the congress in Spain in 2006 and last year in Brazil. The certification of naturist campsites throughout Europe should completed in the following three years. The experiences, which would be gathered in this trial period, would form the basis of the acceptance of certificates as an INF directive for other member countries of the INF at the congress in 2012 in Konversada in Croatia.

The nudist camp Valalta, was opened at the end of 1960’s, and stretched along the gentle shores the length of the northern part of the Rovinj coast. The first naturists’ camped rough on this area in 1954 and Valalta was opened in 1968. It was then the second nudist campsite in Croatia after Konversada. The campsite was sold out for the next ten years.

In 2003, the campsite got the ADAC award for top quality campsite management, in 2004 it played host to the INF congress, and last year it was given an award which the Ministry of Tourism received from the Presidents of INF for 75 years of naturism in Croatia. In the following year it was awarded a red and yellow ADAC panel as witness to the highest European standards of camping quality. According to the ADAC guide, Valalta is 50% better quality than the average French naturist campsites.

Nowadays the campsite can hold up to 4,600 people who spend a total of 500 thousand nights a year. This is 4 percent of total night stays in campsites and 15 percent of all naturist night stays in Croatia, and is 1.5 percent in the night stays in campsites in Europe (around 40 million nights). The INF has campsites in 26 European countries and 12 outside Europe in its network. Croatia has 12 nudist campsites which can accept 28 thousand guests, and has around 3.5 million night stays annually. It is estimated that Europe has around 25 million naturists.

Check Valalta’s homepage: http://www.valalta.hr/