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Very good results for Croatian Campsites

Last tourist season in Croatian campsites was extremely successful and has justified the new investments in the quality of camps and justified the great reputation of Croatian camps and of Croatia as a country with the potential to become the most competitive camping destination on the Mediterranean.

According to collected data of most Croatian camps, the number of overnight stays increased by 2.5 % on average this year, compared to 2008. This, the owners point out, is a result, which – considering the global recession, has exceeded even the most optimistic of expectations.

For instance, in Istria, the most developed camping destination in Croatia, the number of overnight stays increased by 2.6 percent, while some of the top quality campsites in Dalmatia recorded an increase of 10 percent. Particularly impressive were the results in the pre- season, in which the number of overnight stays increased by 4.5 percent. In August, the number of stays jumped by 10 percent, compared to last year.

Traditionally, the greatest number of visitors was German, Slovenian, Dutch, Italian, Austrian and Czech, who, altogether, make up 82 percent of overnight stays in camps.

Altogether, Croatia has 232 campsites and 302 small household campsites and campgrounds, with the overall accommodation capacity of 224,000 persons. Campsites and campgrounds make up a quarter of the accommodation capacities in Croatia.