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Welcome to Camping Croatia

Welcome to Camping Croatia Welcome to Camping Croatia, a web site dedicated to camping, campsites and camping grounds around Croatia. This site is one of the net's oldest internet guides to all things camping in Croatia related. We are currently working on this site to make it more comprehensive, so please come again and visit from time to time. For time being, this website includes pages on camping around Croatian Islands with specific listing for each of the Croatian islands. Camping in continental part of Croatia is also included although there is not a lot of camping sites in continental part of the country that are available yet.Istria Camping section is getting its face up too - we will be adding all campsites that we know of in its separate sections. Popular page of campsites around Dubrovnik and the surrounding area is also here to browse. Camping in Dalmatia, the coastal region of Croatia is divided into North and South Dalmatia listings. There is also a section on Introduction to Camping - some kind of small guide to camping which will serve beginners to this wonderful outdoor activity. Please, have a look at the above map, choose the region you would like to see info about and then click on right menu to browse. Enjoy browsing & email us your comments - we would love to hear from you...

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Camping in Croatia - Latest

    About Camping in Croatia

    An Introduction to Camping in Croatia Enjoying such a warm climate and welcoming landscape, camping in Croatia was always a popular accommodation mode among Croatians as well as foreign visitors, especially during …
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    Pasman Island Camping

    Pašman is one of the islands in Zadar Archipelago. The island has just over 2 thousand inhabitants, covering the area of about 60m2. It is well known in Croatia for its beautiful …
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    Pag Island Camping

    Pag is located in North Dalmatia on the edge of Kvarner Gulf. It is well known in Croatia for its cheese production, amazing bare landscapes, a lot of sunshine in the summer, …
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    Mljet Island Camping

    Mljet is an island located in Southern Dalmatia in the vicinity of Dubrovnik. It is well known as it is also Croatian National Park that is popular among visitors to Croatia. Mljet …
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    Losinj Island Camping

    Island of Losinj is an island at the very west of Kvarner Gulf. It is one of the smaller island in the archipelago, divided from larger, Cres by a small passage, connected …
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    Lastovo Island Camping

    Lastovo is an island located in Southern Dalmatia. It is well known as it is also part of protected Lastovo Nature Park, consisting of 44 smaller and larges islands and islets. As …
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    Krk Island Camping

    The Island of Krk is one of the islands in Kvarner archipelago, in the north part of Adriatic sea. It is easily accessible from the mainland by a bridge that connects it …
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    Hvar Island Camping

    Hvar is the Dalmatian island located between Korcula and Brac in the near vicinity of Split. It is well known in Croatia for a pleasant climate with a lot of sunshine, so …
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    Cres Island Camping

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    Brac Island Camping

    Brac is an island located in central Dalmatia in the near vicinity of Split. It is well known in Croatia for nice beaches, particularly Zlatni Rat Beach, which is very popular among …
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