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How to Choose a Tent for your Camping Holiday

Unless you go camping by motorhome, caravan, or trailer, choosing the right tent for your camping holiday is one of the first steps you have to do when you decide to go camping. Below are listed some of the important questions to answer prior to making your final decision:

  • How many people will stay in the tent?

The first consideration regarding a tent is to decide how many people need to sleep in the tent and how much extra equipment and gear you need to store in that tent. From my experience, it is always better to take a larger tent with you, especially if you have a bit more than just basic gear. Subtracting one person from the manufacturer’s recommendation is a good rule of thumb for choosing the tent.

  • What period / season of year do you plan to go camping?

The next step would be to consider in which season are you going to use that tent – if a tent is for summer use only or you need a tent to go camping in other seasons – autumn, spring, winter… Tents are usually marked with “season” ratings – such as “one season”, “two seasons” etc… In general, summer camping in a warm climate (as Croatia has in summer) choosing a “one season” tent should be sufficient. Also, bear in mind that most of the campsites in Croatia are open from May to October, which is the late spring/summer/early autumn season when nice weather is expected.

  • How will you carry the tent?

The next step is to consider how you will carry the tent – are you going on a backpacking holiday, walking and using public transport or will you be driving to your campsite? If you will be driving, then the weight of the tent is not as important as if you let’s say walk, backpack, or cycle to your chosen campsite.

  • How much you pay for the tent?

And finally, you will have to make a decision about your budget. Generally, as with most other things, the higher the cost of the tent, the stronger and better it is. People make various decisions about this based on their own circumstances. However, in my opinion, even if you choose the cheapest tent, it should be good enough to sustain a week or two of camping holiday along the Adriatic coast in the summertime.

Deciding about the right balance among the above elements is key to a good choice about your tent.