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Camping – An Introduction

Camping is an activity that can easily be enjoyed by everybody. Camping is a lot of fun as it’s cheap and healthy. Nevertheless, many people can be reluctant to have a go with camping experience due to their lack of experience with camping activity.

Camping can be as rural and adventurous as one like. If you are just starting out with camping, you can feel confident in knowing that camping is also a safe and fun way to spend a weekend in the neighbouring areas as well as holidays abroad – near the sea or lakes, as well as in the hills and mountains. If you have never camped before, you probably don’t have all the necessary camping equipment.

Camping equipment that you need is actually quite affordable for basic camping weekend away or camping trip abroad. Fist and foremost, you need a tent big enough to accommodate your party, sleeping bags for each of you as well as some pillows.

Some people don’t use pillows, but pillows are very handy, not only for good night sleep but also for being more comfortable around your tent. Additionally, as far as sleeping is concerned, it is a good idea to bring with you a large piece of plastic sheet to place on the ground under your tent. This extra layer between you and the ground can make such a huge difference! You can buy a suitable sheet of plastic in any hardware or general store.

Also, you can get for very small money a camping matt too – a narrow and thick waterproof sheet to put under your sleeping bag – it is a warm and comfortable addition! Please note, place your plastic sheet under your tent and camping matt under your sleeping bag! Don’t mix this two, as vice-versa doesn’t really work 😉

You should take a basic first aid kit with you too. Beside usual things, the first aid kit should contain sunblock as well as painkillers. It is very important nowadays to put sunblock on your exposed body parts to avoid sunburns, as sun tent to be very strong in the open grounds or near the sea, lakes and mountains.

If you take any regular prescription medicine, don’t forget to take it along too.

note: this is just a test article – more to come..